There is no such thing as perfection!

No property is perfect - each one you come across will have its flaws, but while some are justifiable rounds for crossing a home off your list, others aren't.  Below are four things that shouldn't be deal breakers.

  • Unappealing decor. Outdated or ultra-modern: whatever the reason you're turned off by a potential property's decor, keep in mind that this is a cosmetic flaw - in other words, it's a problem that's easily solved.  If you can't look past the gaudy wallpaper, stained carpeting, and/or shabby cabinetry, you might just miss out on a property perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Minor repairs.  A home in need of significant (read: costly) work is one you'd be justified in walking away from.  But problems of a "leaks and squeaks" nature - faucets, cupboards, and drawers needing a little attention, for example - are minor, and relatively easy and inexpensive to repair; as such, they shouldn't put you off an otherwise sound property.
  • Odours. Certain odours - the smell of mod for instance - are always cause for concern, and you wouldn't want to live near a factory that produces a foul smell, of course!  But odours from cooking, smoking, or pets, while unpleasant, can be dealt with; walls can be washed and repainted with odour-eliminating paint, and carpets can be steam cleaned, for example.
  • The listing.  Sometimes, buyers write off a property before they even see it due to the listing itself - perhaps the photos are unflattering, the price seems too low or too high, or it's been on the market for a long time.  Consider that if you real estate representative shows you such a listing, there must be a reason - give it a chance!!