're ready to buy a home......or are you?

Exciting!  Stressful!  Amazing!           

  These are just a few of the things that people feel when they are about to venture into the exciting realm of buying a home!  It can be such an emotional journey for some.  But are you really ready?  Have you made the time to speak to a mortgage specialist?  Have you made a budget?   

  Many people may feel that they are ready to make the move but haven't done the necessary preliminary steps. What I always recommend to my clients, especially first-time home buyers, is to write a list of what you are looking for in a home.  Ask yourself, where do I see myself living and why?  Is it urban, suburban, just for you, for your growing family?  Are you looking for a short commute to work?  Good school catchment for your kids (or future ones)?   Once you have determined where you want to live and why, you'll be ready for step 2....speaking to a mortgage specialist. 

 Time and time again people believe their budget is, for example, $350,000.  But once they speak with their mortgage specialist, that number is quite different.  Maybe you find out that you are actually approved for $250,000 or it's $450,000!  Not knowing what your budget is very much like entering the wrong destination in your GPS.  Just because you have arrived at the destination, doesn't mean that's where you should be.

 Now here is where I come in!  Once you know where you're going, I will be your guide, your GPS!  I will help you get to where you want to go using the fastest and easiest "route" possible.

 If you are thinking of buying a home, call me today (604-644-4190) and together we will help you get what you want!