Selling in the summer

Making buyers feel comfortable in your home is key to selling it, but that can be dificult when the mercury spikes.  Here are a few tips for showing your home during the hot, hazy days of summer.

  • Make sure your homes temperature is comfortable.  Don't skimp on the air conditioning; if you have (quiet) fans, use them.  Have a friend visit and tell you if it's too hot, or even if you've overdone it with the A/C!
  • When the temperature rises, you probably keep your window coverings closed.  If you're tempted keep them closed during showings too, to help keep things cool, don't: darkness doesn't do when selling your home.  Its natural light (and plenty of it!) that buyers want, as well as appealing views.  So keep those window treatments open!
  • Home-hunting is thirsty work any day of the year, but especially so during the scorching summer heat.  Leave some cold bottled water out for buyers, ideally in a decorative container full of ice, along with a note on some nice stationary reading "Help yourself!". It's a small gesture, but one that buyers will appreciate (and remember!) at this time of year.
  • Many sellers bake before showings or even simmer cinnamon sticks for a welcoming aroma.  Opt for refreshing scents during the dog days of summer, and avoid the oven and stove.  Dab citrus essential oil on light bulbs or combine it with water to make a spray; run citrus peels through your garbage disposal or leave them in strategically placed bowls.