Social isolation and physical distancing — not to mention concern for the welfare of loved ones and oneself — can make it tempting to postpone or skip celebrating annual holidays, as well as milestones like birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day, and graduations. But celebrating even the smallest of things at home may be more important now than ever.

In fact, research shows that people who nurture daily celebratory and gratitude habits have more energy, less anxiety, and better physical health. It's also important to keep history in mind for perspective: Humans have been commemorating special occasions for thousands (and thousands) of years, dating back to at least several millennia B.C., when ancient Egyptians celebrated things like the annual harvest with feasts and festivals.  

This spring, a season marked by many religious holidays and milestones, it will be essential for people across the globe to stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But that doesn't mean celebrations at home need to cease.

In a world of uncertainty and isolation, celebrating things big and small means more to me than ever. From milestone moments, like birthdays and anniversaries, to smaller things like an everyday achievement at work, a child's willingness to try a new vegetable, or just receiving good news — we're celebrating all of it from here on out. Finding daily moments of delight, and celebrating them, will help carry us through these challenging and unprecedented times.
But it's also important to acknowledging that things will be different this year — and that that's okay. I am excited to see what new traditions that brings about. Fortunately we have technology to connect us to loved ones we can't be with.