5 things Buyers should focus on.....

Your first viewing of a property isn't the time to measure doorways or haggle over whether the chandelier stays or goes.  So what should a buyer be focusing on for a valuable first-showing experience?

SIZE. How many square feet?  How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have and how big are they?  Is the kitchen suitably sized for your lifestyle?  Is there enough storage space for your needs?  Is there room enough for you now and in the future?

FLOORPLAN.  Does the home's layout work for you?  Will it work for the near future?  Do you entertain frequently and want an open-concept plan?  Is there enough separation between bedrooms and more highly trafficked areas?  Is the traffic configuration convenient?  Are there any oddly shaped rooms?

BONE STRUCTURE.  Of course, a showing is no substitute for a home inspection, but you should use your first viewing to learn about the condition of the home.  Look for obvious signs of water damage, pest infestions, problems with plumbing or electrical systems and structural issues.

RENOVATIONS.  How much repair and renovation would be needed immediately?  In the future?  What is the nature of needed repairs and renovations?  If they're cosmetic, great!  If not, you'll need to estimate costs and determine whether you can afford to purchase the home and do the necessary work.

YOUR INSTINCTS.  Do you feel comfortable in the home?  Is it easy to envision your family, furniture, and decor in this space?  Can you imagine living your daily life in it?  Can you picture doing so for years to come?  Do you feel possessive and proud of it already?


I hope these tips help you when you look for the right home for you and your family....of course, there's no substitute for a REALTOR®!!